Technically experienced users do not usually come to a help room
for advice on how to maintain a pc.
Normally they will just discuss issues for which they have found solutions.

Inexperienced PC users seeking help,
must never be considered as stupid.
Try to teach them how to use and maintain their computers.

Assess the level of the visitors technical knowledge
and offer advice that they can understand.

Information is required to be able to diagnose the possible causes of any problems which a user may be experiencing with a computer.
After the user has given basic information about a problem, diagnosis can only be effective if you know what hardware and software they are using.

Determine a Profile of the PC / Other Hardware

By all means - get experience in helping visitors - but if you are not too proficient with a particular issue - rather pass it on to someone who is more comfortable with the subject.
Listen and learn at the same time

Depending on the issue - some / all of the following parameters may need to be established.
  1. Is it a Laptop / Desktop pc / All-in-one / Other hardware ?

  2. The Make and Model ?

  3. How old is the equipment ?

  4. The Operating System installed ? (MAC / Linux / XP / Vista / Win7 / 8 / 10)

  5. Is the OS a 32 Bit / 64 Bit System ?

  6. What Service Pack (XP - SP3 / Vista - SP2 / Win7 - SP1)

  7. Are all current updates installed ?

  8. Does the user have the Install Key to validate it ?

  9. Is the PC / Laptop connected Wireless / Hard Wired ?

  10. ISP connection through Modem / Router

  11. Cable / DSL / Satellite / Wireless

  12. Is an Anti-virus suite installed ? (Win Def / AVG / Avast / McAfee / Norton)

  13. Is any scanner software installed ? (Malwarebytes / Superantispyware)

  14. Are there other Internet browsers installed -
    and which is the default ?

  15. Is 'Sandboxie' / XP Mode / VirtualBox / VMWare being used ?

    (An antivirus suite or Hostsman installed in a virtual machine
    only protects the virtual machine. It provides NO protection for the host system.)

When helping a visitor with audio setup - make sure you do not have any effects set in your sound system - especially Equalization or Volume Levelling.
When the visitor's settings have been corrected, they can then enable their effects to compensate for any discrepencies they experience under normal use.

Click HERE to download a Level Meter
NOTE: The new Paltalk Chat Program has it's own level meter in the Sound & Video settings.

Click HERE for an AUDIO TEST


When a suggestion has been offered - please do not argue
about which method is better to use
in open forum.

If the admins cannot agree on advice being given -
the visitors get confused about which advice to follow
and lose confidence in our ability to help them.

Entry to 'Admin Guide' is via the monitor of the PC in the banner on the left
and the 'Advanced' section via the monitor of the PC on the right.

After selecting a category in this section
return to the 'Admin Menu' by clicking on 'Administrators' in the banner.





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