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Get free advice in our technical chat room on
This room is not Paltalk Help
but we will try to help where we can.
Any questions you have concerning your nickname
or your Paltalk account must be addressed
in a Paltalk help lobby by speaking with
an official Paltalk representative.

 This room is 'G' rated 
The use of non-G rated abbreviations in text, and
topics which are inappropriate will not be condoned.
Inappropriate nicknames may be asked
to leave the room.

Promotion of products
is not acceptable in this room.
If you dont like it - dont use it.

If the microphone is not in use
when entering the room -
please activate your Mic and say 'Hello'.
You can type a question in text at any time.

If the mic is in use - and you require assistance,
you can click on the 'Raise Hand' button
and an administrator will assist you ASAP.
They may be busy with other things
so your patience is always appreciated.

Add an @admin's nic to your buddy list
and leave a message so that we can contact
you to find out if you still need help.

This room is not a music / karaoke room,
but we can help to get it working for you.

Please do not criticize or bash other users.
We also frown on bashing software and hardware.

Room rules are noticeable by their absence.
Having respect for each other has it's rewards.

You can submit questions to the webmaster
concerning problems that you need solved
or to suggest additional usefull information.

Please report any errors
found on this web site.
Click HERE to contact the webmaster.

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